Research Projects

The list below is of current projects which demonstrate the range of recent research undertaken by the centre.  Our Summary Report of Activities 2018 and our full Annual report 2018 is available online and includes descriptions of all the following projects:

  • Accreditation Model for Workplace Health Promotion: A Scoping Study
  • Bridging the Care Gap: Evaluation of Galway Hospice Palliative Day Care Services
  • Enhancing Health Literacy with Life Skills Education: Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases in Schools
  • Evaluation of Galway City Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Alcohol Related Harm
  • Evaluation of the MindOut Programme in Post-Primary Schools
  • A Feasibility Study on the Implementation of MindOut in Youth Settings
  • Food Portion Sizes and the Proportion of Different Food Groups Eaten by Children on the Island of Ireland
  • Health Behaviour in School-aged Children
  • IMPACCT: Health Literacy Education
  • LGBT+ Landscape
  • Parents’ Experiences of Weaning on the Island of Ireland
  • Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Local Communities
  • Smart Patients
  • Study on Bullying and Incivility in the University Setting.