Participation and empowerment for health service users: strengthening the circle

Save the date: Health Promotion Conference June 7th 2018

Conference Aim and Objectives

A primary goal of Healthy Ireland (1) is to create an environment where every individual and sector of society can play a role in improving health and a core element of this is strengthening participation in decision making for health and well-being. This approach necessitates partnerships to realise its potential including partnerships between sectors and between agencies, service providers and service users. Just as health is more than the absence of disease, partnership must go beyond consultation or tokenism and must empower all stakeholders within a supportive environment. This is consistent with re-orienting the services, the fifth action area of the Ottawa Charter (2).

The aim will be to strengthen the circle of knowledge in relation to participation and empowerment for service users.

Specifically, the conference will explore:

  • The outcomes associated with a focus on engagement with people as service users in relation to a re-orientation of health services
  • Identify interactions that empower, rather than disempower service users
  • Key learning in relation to participation and engagement with services
  • How to enhance aspects of health and social care services that support people to maintain a good quality of life.

This conference will be of interest to:

  • Health promotion practitioners in statutory and voluntary agencies
  • Health and social care professionals who are interested in engaging the public and service users with regard to the development, delivery and evaluation of services
  • Researchers of the processes of participation, inclusion and engagement of the public in service development, delivery and evaluation.


1)    Healthy Ireland framework available at


2)    Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986). First International Conference on Health Promotion Ottawa, 21 November 1986