The call is now open for the submission of abstracts reflective of the conference themes, with the goal of attracting a diversity of scholars and practitioners. This year we are seeking abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

Please read the abstract submission guidelines to ensure you include information under all the relevant headings before you submit your abstract using the form below.

Closing date for abstract submission is extended to 25th April 2021. 

Poster Presentation

A maximum of three minutes are scheduled for each online poster presentation.

Recent experience has shown that translating the traditional A0 sized physical poster presentation to a virtual format can be challenging. We are taking this opportunity to invite abstract submissions for poster presentations with a pre-recorded oral overview (maximum of 3 minutes).

The guidelines are simple, no more than three minutes to present your poster. The aim is to communicate the content in a succinct, comprehensible and logical manner, to effectively connect with the audience with enthusiasm and hold their attention, and to present comprehensively the essential content of the work without over-simplifying. The audience at the Health Promotion conferences are multi-disciplinary and include practitioners, researchers and policy makers. It is an excellent opportunity not only for communicating complex or technical information in a comprehensible way, but also, in an age where we are often overwhelmed by too much information, to be able to communicate your ideas and plans briefly, persuasively and memorably.

Successful poster presenters will be asked to upload a pre-recorded video (maximum duration 3 minutes) and PDF of their poster to the Conference Platform.

Oral Presentation

A maximum of ten minutes are scheduled for each online oral presentation.

Successful presenters will be asked to upload a pre-recorded video (maximum duration 10 minutes) to the Conference Platform. Please note if there is more than one presenter that the maximum time allowed is still ten minutes. Support and guidelines on recording and optimising your presentation will be provided to ensure recordings are of a professional standard. All presenters must have played back their recording to check the sound and visual quality is of a good presentation standard before uploading. 

All oral presenters must be available on 24th June, following the streamed parallel presentations, for delegate discussion during their themed Q & A meeting. The conference organisers will host this meeting and coordinate the chat/discussion, which will take place prior to lunch. Delegates will submit their questions to the meeting chair who will then address the questions to the relevant presenters. All presenters are asked to include a contact email address on their presentation so that questions can also be forwarded directly to them by delegates and responded to outside of this live Q & A session.

There is a prize for the best presentation sponsored by the Association for Health Promotion Ireland. 

Examples of oral presentations from last year's conference are available at: Health Promotion Conference Channel 2020  

Please note that the HPRC principles of funding do not allow us to work with, or for, the tobacco, alcohol or arms industries or pharma. Partnerships or sponsorship will not be considered appropriate where there is a fundamental mismatch of goals and objectives with those of the HPRC. This extends to the funding of activity presented at our annual Health Promotion conference.

If your work has been funded by any of these industries, please do not submit an abstract as it will be rejected.