Designation 2013-2017

The HPRC was designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research in 2009 and received re-designation in October 2013 for a further four year period. This designation is a recognition of the international standing of the work of the Centre and formalizes its role as a member of an international collaborative network contributing to the World Health Organization’s programme of work and strategic objectives in Health Promotion. Under the leadership of Professor Margaret Barry, the WHO Collaborating Centre at NUI Galway works closely with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and WHO Geneva in supporting the WHO work programme. 

Our Aim

The aim of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research at NUI Galway is:

  • To support the WHO work programme in developing health promotion capacity through the translation of health promotion research into policy and practice.

The Terms of Reference:  

  • To support the implementation of the WHO Health in All Policies Framework for Country Action
  • To support the implementation of WHO Europe Regional Office’s Health 2020 strategy
  • To support the WHO European Regional Office’s Action Plan for the implementation of the European Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases
  • To support the WHO Europe Child and Adolescent Health and Development Strategy implementation
  • To support cross-country collaboration on the implementation of the WHO work programme through contributing to the network of WHO Collaborating Centres.

Core Focus of Our Work:

The effective production, dissemination and translation of Health Promotion research that will actively inform practice and policy constitutes the core focus of the work of the Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research in the coming years. The importance of translating research into practice and policy is identified as an important challenge in Health Promotion. The Centre is in a key position to fulfil this role, given its close working relationship with national level policymakers and practitioners, and its collaboration with leading Health Promotion research partners globally.


Delegates at the WHO Euro Collaborating Centre Meeting, Galway, June 2012.