Health Literacy: Research, Policy and Practice

‌The 2015 annual Health Promotion Conference took place on Thursday 18th June 2015 and was a very successful event.

The aim of the 2015 Health Promotion Conference 'Health Literacy: Research, Policy and Practice' was to explore the importance of health literacy and how it can be enhanced as a priority area for Health Promotion. The conference brought together policy, research and practice perspectives on how health literacy can be strengthened, including the implementation of health literacy interventions across sectors that will promote the health of the citizens of Ireland.

The presentations from the conference speakers are available to download below (please click on the speaker's name):

Opening Address: Mr. Tony O'Brien, Director General, Health Service Executive

Keynote Speakers:

Health Literacy: New developments and policy implications
Dr. Rima Rudd‌, ‌Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, US

Making it Easy: Health literacy policy in Scotland
Dr. Graham Kramer‌, GP & National Clinical Lead for Self-management and Health Literacy, Scottish Government

Evolving Health Literacy Policy in Ireland and the Challenge of Implementation
Ms. Inez Bailey‌, Director National Adult Literacy Agency

Health Literacy Research in Europe and Ireland: The State of the Art
Dr. Gerardine Doyle‌, School of Business, University College Dublin (presentation not available)

Health Literacy: Moving from research into practice
Dr. Joanne Protheroe‌, General Practice, University of Keele, England

Reflections on the Evolution of Health Promotion in Ireland - 40 years on from the establishment of the Health Education Bureau
Mr. Owen Metcalfe, Associate Director, Institute of Public Health in Ireland (presentation not available)


Workshop 1: Experiences and Lessons Learnt from Implementing a Health Literacy Environmental Assessment in an Irish Hospital Setting, Facilitators: Priscilla Doyle & Laura McHugh                                                                                                        

Workshop 2: Developing Policy in Health Literacy Workshop, Facilitator: Graham Kramer (no slides available)                                                                                                                         

Workshop 3: Using Plain English to Write Clearer Health Information, Facilitator: Claire O'Riordan (no slides available)                                                                                                                  

Workshop 4: The Crystal Clear Mark: Health literacy in GP and pharmacy settings, Facilitator: Aoife ODriscoll‌                                                                                         

Workshop 5: Targeting Health Literacy Research at Policy makers, Facilitator: J. Sixsmith‌                                                                                                                    

Workshop 6: Health Literacy Research: knowledge transfer and policy translation, Facilitator: Saoirse Nic Gabhainn (no slides available)                                                                                         

Workshop 7: Student Workshop: Health-literate settings, Facilitator: H. Grealish

Healthy Lifestyle Applications Hub, Albalawi, Y., Health Promotion, NUI Galway

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Oral Communication Abstracts 

Room MY123

A: Understanding Health Literacy
Chair: Dr. Martin Power, HPRC, NUI Galway


Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence (HLCA): Methods of measuring health literacy of children (HLCA-MoMChild)

O. Orkan‌; Lopes, E.; Bröder, J.; Bruland, D.; Bauer, U.; Pinheiro, P.


The Insignificant Role of Social Determinants of and the Relationship between Life Skills and Health Literacy Some Surprising Empirical Results of German Students Aged 15+

Z. Islertas‌; ‌Kloß, I., Bittlingmayer, U.H., Sahrai, D., Gerdes, J., Sahrai, F.


An Investigation into the relationship Between Health Literacy, Ehealth Literacy and Online Health Information Seeking Behaviour

S. Quinn‌; Bond, R., Nugent, C.


Examining Health Literacy Practices: a Qualitative Approach

Verna McKenna‌and Barry, M.M.


Room MY124

B: Cultural Domains in Health Literacy
Chair: Dr. Lisa Pursell, HPRC, NUI Galway


Health Literacy: Knowledge and Experiences of Traveller Women

V. Fitzmaurice


Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence (HLCA): Exploring and developing theories, concepts, and models on health literacy in childhood and adolescence (HLCA-TeCoMo)

Broder‌, J.; Okan, O.; Bruland, D.;Bauer, U.; Pinheiro, P.


Health literacy from a Student’s Perspective: Learning and applying skills to communicate effectively with culturally diverse populations

S. Scoville


A New Conversation for Men: 7 key questions towards better health and wellbeing

L. Brennan


Room MY125

C: Health Literacy interventions and evaluations
Chair: Dr. Vicky Hogan, HPRC, NUI Galway


Findings from ‘Fit for Work & Life’: A pilot, community based healthy lifestyle, early detection and prevention programme

Daly, S.; Halford, J.; Joanne Vance


Evaluation of an Adolescent Mental Health Literacy Programme ‘Beat the Blues’

F. OSullivan‌; Doyle, E., Hennessy, E.


Signs of Empowerment – A community action project

Howard, M. (presentation not available)


Tailoring Health Literate Communication to Older Adults with Limited Health Literacy. Development and pilot-testing of a training for health care professionals

M. Kaper


Room MY126

D: Health Literacy and Education
Chair: Dr. Margaret Hodgins, HPRC, NUI Galway


Adding to Food Literacy? Primary teachers’ perspectives on food education in the curriculum

E. Mooney‌; ‌Kelly-Blakeney, E.; Mc Cloat, A.


Health Literacy in Practice – Innovation in getting health students industry ready

N.Barrett (presentation not available)


Mental Health Promotion for Children of Mentally Ill Parents. Assessment and promotion of teacher-specific mental health literacy (Teacher-MHL)

D. Bruland‌; Bauer, U., Bröder, J., Okan, O., Pinheiro, P.


“Empowering me to Empower the Health Care Workers”: Exploring the sustainability of a Training of Trainers (TOT) model of men’s health training

P. Carroll‌; Lefkowich, M., Richardson, N., Brennan, L., Lambe, B.


Room MY127

E: Health Literacy and Healthcare
Chair: Dr. Colette Kelly, HPRC, NUI Galway


Radiation Therapists’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Health Literacy

F. Quinn‌; Gillham, C.; Craig, A.


Literacy Levels in Prostate Cancer Patients: The relationship between health literacy level, understanding of cancer information and decision-making- results from phase 1

A. Craig‌; & Seery, A.


The Impact of Health Literacy in Individuals with Chronic Pain

L. Mackey‌; Power, C.; Victory, R.; Hearty, C.; Casey, M.; Fullen, B.


Hospital Signage, Wayfinding in Complex Buildings

F. OSullivan